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One day in gorm Jessica was walking around and disided to rest under a large tree. Up in the tree was the hypnotic snake Kaa, Kaa had just woken up from a nap and was very hungry. When Kaa realized that a girl had found her way under his tree he was delighted "oh boy a nissssse nap, a playful toy, and a great meal" he said as he headed down ,his eyes spiraling like mad. "hello there" Kaa siad as he came to the little girl, "what the uuuuuhhh" Jessica was cut off when her eyes met Kaa`s spirals "yesssssssssss look into my eyessssssssss" "Whaat are ...doing" "bringing you pure blissssss". When Kaa was eyelevel with her he began to shake his head back and forth, then he brought his tail down and began swinging it like a pengilum in front of her. With that it was all to much for her and finally a ping could be heard in the back of her head. "Ah you are now mine" "I  am now your`s" Jessice said dumnly. Then Kaa looped a coil around Jessica`s waist and hoisted her up into his tree. "Firsssst of all could you pleasssse remove your extra skinsssss" "yes kaa" Jessica then began to take off her dress along wth her shirt and her pants leaving her in her pink panties. Kaa then started to wrap her up starting with her ankles, in no time kaa had coils up to her shoulders. Kaa finaly wrapped his tail twice around her neck and she let out a small "ulp". Kaa then started to revolve his coils around her so that she was in six thick coils rather than ten small ones. "now letsssss take off your foot wear, how do I?" "just pull them off master". Kaa looped a coil around each of them  and pulled them off, when they were off Kaa let her keep on her rainbow striped ankle socks. Kaa then started to massage her whole body"mmmm". "Now Jessica do you like to play hide and seek?" "yes,, I do master" "then let ussss play, you go hide and I willl sssssseek" "yes master". Kaa lowered her down to the ground and pretended to count to twenty, when she was far enough away Kaa followed her. Luckily Jessica hid in an area that Kaa knew very well, Kaa slithered a little ahead of her and waited. Finally Jessica came to were Kaa was and hid behind a bush, Kaa got into position, dropped his coils on her and coiled her so that only her feet and head were sticking out. Then Kaa got an idea, since he had his larger coils around her his tail was free. He flipped her over and started tickling her socked feet. She started laughing so hard she could barely breathe. Then Kaa took off her socks and began tickling her bare feet. Kaa tried different kinds off tickling, he began to circle his tail on her soles, then his tail went in and out of between her toes and finally he brought her feet up to his head and began licking her feet.Jessica laughed harder than ever Kaa then stopped and said"I think I have had enough fun, now it`sssss time for you to have some relasssssation" Kaa siad as he flipped her over. Kaa then began to massage Jessica`s body all over, then he took his tail anwrapped it twice aound each of her soles, then he tookhis tail and went in and out between her toes and started vibrating it. It was then he realized that her toenails were painted pink and blue.Kaa then stopped, " I am very tired let usssss take a nap" "yes master".  Throughout the time Jessica was falling out of the trance and there were barely any spirals left in her eyes, when she woke up her eyes were completely free of spirals but she culd not move do to the large coils. Kaa wolke up shortly after "I sssee you have woken up from my transssss" "What did you do to me let me go" "gladly but firsssst you musssst get away from my coilssss" "ok but untie me first" kaa uncoiled her but getting away from her was going to be harder than she thought. " ok jussst try and get away from me". Jessica imediatlly tried to walk down the branch but Kaa`s tail looped around her wrist quickly "uh kaa"she said as she unlooped it , but as quickly as she unlooped it, it looped around her ankle . Again she tried to unloop it but this time it loope daround both her ankles and started to wrap her legs up. Kaa picked her up so she was hanging upside down, the tail still wrapping her up. "uh Kaa let me go" "no I dont ssssee that happening" Kaa`s tail krept up to her feet and started tickling her soles "aahhhahahahha Kaa stop plppleasse" "you ssaid youcould get away". Kaa stopped and continued to wrapped her up, before long his tail was around her shoulders then Kaa fllipped her rightside up. Kaa wrapped his tail twice around her neck and started to squeeze."Let`sssss sssee how long you can ressisst" Kaa said as his eyes started spiraling. Jessica`s eyes quickly copied without resistance, then Kaa once aain started to swing his tail back and forth like a pegilum in front of her face. With all of them taking effect it was to much for Jessica, soon she heard a small ping in the back of her mind and a big dumn smile on her face. She was now Kaa`s once more.
... probably gonna do another
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rzdziarek Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
they should have been rainbow striped colored ones with a littlt black and white striped color added to the rainbow). I like anything that is rainbow striped in them like Kaa`s eyes should have all the colors of the rainbow plus black and white when he hypnotizes someone.
Artiquer Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2011  Student General Artist
very nice! listen. would you like to make a story with an oc of mine? i mean i really like them so if you want and if you take request of course
HazardGallantmon Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2009
Are you going to continue it?

Maybe you can make that Kaa has so much fun with her that he doesn't want to eat her?

Later and best wishes!
adrianse Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
ey good story can you translate to spanish please?
Mermaid-Yuki Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Really good, but I spy a few spelling mistakes.
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